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Reasons to Consider a Mid Week Wedding…

Whilst Saturdays used to be the norm, there's no reason why a weekday wedding can't be just as amazing! The idea of what a wedding has evolved SO much and we are all for it!

For our modern couples looking to break away from tradition, having your wedding on a weekday is a great option over a traditional Saturday wedding. Whilst this isn't a huge break from the norm, the decision to host a gathering mid-week could lower your overall budget and give you a more intimate celebration.

There are several reasons why couples opt for mid-week weddings.

We’ve gathered together a few reasons…

Save a little cash

Probably the biggest reason why most people choose mid-week weddings is because it helps to bring the initial cost down a little. Any money saved can then be spent elsewhere on other things that help theme your day or that you thought might be a stretch too far - ice cream van anyone? :-)

THAT guest you might not need to invite…

If you prefer a more intimate celebration, a mid-week date might be the right choice for you, chances are you’ll end up with only the people you REALLY want there and are closest to. Just ensure that once you have your wedding date set, give your guests as much notice as possible so they can take time off work or make the necessary arrangements to attend.

Get the best suppliers

Most suppliers get snapped up at the weekends, so you're much more likely to get your dream team if you opt for a mid-week day too. Some suppliers might also lower their prices so you can push the boat out a little more and get yourself a wonderful caterer, photographer, or florist that you wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford.

With a mid-week there’s a higher percentage you're more likely to get exactly what and who you want.

Accommodation is less expensive

Another money saving plus point! Many hotels are unable to fill every vacancy mid-week, so naturally, the room rates will always be lower. Since there's less demand for accommodation during the week, there's higher potential to find great room rates - which makes things easier on your guests’ wallets too.

What's in the details...
Our mid-week celebrations are available from March - October and will take place in the Piggery, Roost area and outdoor spaces.
For more information please contact us on or visit our website.

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