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Alt Weddings

Ideas for non-traditional weddings

Alt weddings and non-traditional weddings at White Syke Fields

Weddings have changed dramatically over the last few decades! It's so different from when our parents, grandparents got married - that's for sure!

Can you imagine suggesting to them when they were planning back in the day –

"Have you thought about a Halloween-themed wedding" or "maybe don’t wear white?"

These days an unconventional wedding is the norm. If you don't use Pinterest, are you even planning a wedding? Creativity is the key for modern celebrations, and the desire to be different has never been greater particularly when it comes to the venue.

From beaches and lighthouses to breweries, when you start to think beyond churches and hotels, there's a world of possibilities out there.

Non- traditional wedding ideas at White Sykes

Your wedding venue will ultimately set the tone for your entire celebrations!

Here at White Sykes Fields, we can facilitate all different kinds of weddings and celebrations.

We have some awesome people who can dress the venue, help take the pressure off and make your event happen. Hire both the barns for a big affair or for a slightly smaller shindig choose the Piggery, which can be hired on its own midweek all year around or at weekends between November - March.

But don't just take our word for it; read Rachel and Josh’s brilliant thoughts about their non-traditional wedding day.

"White Sykes was one of the first venues we visited, and so we thought our instant love of it was us getting over-excited and jumping the gun. But after many other how rounds, we knew this wasn't the case. White Sykes is special in a 'can't quite put your finger on it' magical way. Personally, I think it's Charlotte, Steph and their incredible team pouring so much love, and joy into the place. We couldn't have dreamed of finding anywhere better to get married and I'll be forever grateful to them for the most incredible day."
"Now I'll stop gushing and get to the detail stuff that couples want to know. This is truly a DIY venue in the BEST way. Charlotte and Steph will support whatever vision you have- we put hooks on the wall for hanging movie posters, we hung balloon clouds from the rafters, we brought in shuffleboard tables and alpacas. All of these ridiculous requests were met with enthusiasm. White Sykes is a place where you can let your imagination run away with you and plan exactly the wedding you want. Oh and if you do want a church element, Sand Hutton Church nearby is stunning. I honestly can't recommend this venue more highly from our first enquiry right through to planning meetings and drinks tastings. It was always just pure and utter joy."

Non traditional wedding ideas - the cake

As well as the venue, some sort of cake can also feature as part of the celebrations; some fun wedding cake alternatives include: a doughnut wall, a brownie stack, a cheese tower, cake pops or a scone stack. Or you could still go for a more traditional wedding cake style but display it in a funky way – a’la that time we suspended a cake ....

Styling ideas for non-traditional weddings

Your wedding is your day, so you should do it your way. With SO much choice these days, the details are a great way to express yourselves as a couple and make your big day super you and special. Designing your day around a funky theme is another excellent way to set your wedding apart! You could think completely out of the box with a styling theme setting your celebration's tone. From Glitzy Gatsby-inspired events to whimsical 'Alice in Wonderland', you can make it a memorable day for everyone - you could even get your guests to dress up in costume for the occasion!

Did you SEE the circus theme wedding we hosted recently! What a vibe…

We’re super lucky that our wedding coordinator Steph, is also a stylist with a mirage of things to hire through her business Rustic Rose and can help you with your styling ideas. 

Here's what Rachel had to say about Steph:

"When you confess to an event stylist that you want to make your top table into Bag End (From Lord of the Rings) and instead of laughing in your face, they say "love that" For me, that was the moment of no return. Not only did Steph completely and utterly understand my creative vision, but she also had the most incredible ideas to complement it. Her warmth, energy and passion for what she does came across in every meeting and seeing the final result was pure magic. I can't recommend Steph/Rustic Rose more highly for whatever kind of wedding you are planning - Steph will elevate it."

For more information on ideas and how we can help you create your celebration please get in touch:

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